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Let us explan, what is Spanish Fly!

Tired of improving your sexual appetite? Have you used a number of products without a good result? Then, why not try Spanish Fly? Your low sexual appetite will no longer be a problem. For sure, you will be as aggressive as possible in no time. During an intimate activity, both of you will have a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

Spanish Fly is considered a 100% natural product with some side effects. It is specially designed in order to increase sexual appetite within a few minutes. With enough drops, you will feel ready, excited, and eager any time of the day. It is all natural and based on cantharidin that is the answer in boosting your sexual desire that can lead to a better sex life.

Cantharidin is a naturally occurring odorless, colorless fatty substance of the terpenoid class that is produced as an oral fluid in the alimentary canal of the male blister beetle.[1]

But Cantharidin has some serious side effects. That is th reason why there are some new products which cpy the effects of original spanish fly. If you are no longer satisfied with your sex life, it could be the perfect solution you have been waiting for all these years.

It is packed with natural and safe ingredients that will never give you a problem in the near future. It is effective, efficient, tested, and proven that can guarantee an unforgettable and pleasurable experience during bedtime.

When you are a bit hesitant using the product, worry no more as new products are being recommended by professional and qualified experts out there. .

Here is the list of other benefits Spanish Fly can offer

  • Stop Vaginal Dryness
  • Increase Low Libido and Sexual Desire
  • Ability to Achieve Orgasm
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Boost Sexual Arousal at Any Age!
  • Other Benefits and Features


Spanish Fly can also boost energy, help modulate hormonal balance, enhance sexual organs, as well as improve mood in a natural and efficient way. Thus, using the product will not only make you active during sex but also leverage your chance to acquire a holistic result. Maca is main ingredient to reach hormonal balance:

Observed in this study balancing effect of Maca-GO on sex hormone levels show its potential as a safe preparation for use in correcting physiological symptoms characteristic in postmenopausal stage with an indication of potentially even more value for its use in pre-menopausal women.[2]

Spanish fly is very effective herbal products which results in many different products in market.

Ream further to know which Spanish Fly product is the Best!


Vaginal Dryness Solution

Vaginal dryness is common among older women. Prevalence of self-reported vaginal dryness varied from a minimum of 5.8% in Italy to a maximum of 19.7% in Brazil.[3] However, women of all ages can experience the same issue. It takes place when all tissues of the vagina are not healthy, as well as well-lubricated. It can cause pain during sexual intercourse that can greatly affect your relationship with your loving partner.

Whether you endure soreness, itching of the vagina, painful intercourse, light bleeding after an intercourse, or mild vaginal discharge, you already have vaginal dryness. To avoid that, Spanish Fly comes to your rescue. It is specially tailored to address your sex problem and exceed all your needs. Say bye to vaginal dryness and hello to an enjoying sex life.


Low libido and, Sexual desire. 

Living with a low libido or sexual desire? If so, the causes may be hormonal imbalance, job stress, and relationship issues. Whether you are a bit stressed with your work or love life, your interest or appetite towards sex will certainly be affected. As a result, your partner will always feel disappointed every intimate activity. He may find other women who can fulfill his sexual needs and fantasies.

So, take action as early as possible. Make a further research online to have the best solution from a qualified service provider. But, there is no need to do that as Spanish Fly  got your back. Thru regular use, your partner will be quite amazed or shocked with you. For sure, he can anticipate a lot from you in the next intercourse.

With Spanish Fly, blend of natural, organic, herbal ingredients work with your body naturally to help with an increased sexual appetite, and to allow you to enjoy your sexual experiences once more.

Ablitty to reach orgasm! That can Spanish Fly also offer.

Have you ever experienced orgasmic dysfunction without a concrete idea? The diagnostic category primary orgasmic dysfunction has been used to describe women who, report never having experienced orgasm under any circumstance. [4][5] So, take Spanish Fly  into consideration. Some products you can mix with any kind of beverage.


Everyone whatever his or her age, deserves to have an amazing sex life. Even you are already 50 years old or above, you still have the opportunity to have an enjoying sexual intercourse thru Spanish Fly. Just mix it with any beverage and in no time, you will be as aggressive as you were young.

When your friends have a similar experience, you should recommend the Spanish Fly. Perhaps, they will have a high libido they cannot deal with. They will also have a strong sexual appetite that plays a crucial role in having a more meaningful and intimate relationship with their partners.

Spanish Fly  is #10 sexual products in the U.S.,

Compatible for men

Men who want to gain full satisfaction in bed could have the Spanish Fly and feel the effects within 10 minutes. Although 5 drives are recommended, it also a great thing to go for 15 drops, in this way, men could feel the great effects of the product.

In a recent study conducted in the Boston area, 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 reported some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). Enhanced sexual behavior may provide increased relationship satisfaction and self-esteem in humans.[8]

The number of drops depend on your preference. Take the measured drops and see the great effect that you would have. In just a few drops, you are sure to feel the effects of it in bed. Men could also try to take the drops a few minutes before going to bed to ensure the timing of the effect.

Suitable for women

Women who are experiencing low orgasm could take on the great advantage in the Spanish fly, Take about 10 drops of it. This would be enough to give you the boost you need to have a great time in bed. The 10-drop dosage could give you an increase in your blood flow together with the desire to stay in bed for a longer period of time.

However, if you are contented of using only 5 drops it would not affect the performance in bed you want to achieve. In using this product, women would be delighted in using 5 drops or more. The great thing about this is it would not create an overdose in you so suit yourself and use take the desired drops that works best for your preference.




As we mentioned before, spanish fly are considered to be very effective. Unfortunately market situation creates space for many counterfaith products, which are made just in order to make profit without any medical background. [6]

On the other hand, there is still few products which try to keep original recepture with effective aphrodisiacs which best simulate Spanish Fly drops. We bought and tried products: Germany Sex Drops, Spanish Fly Gold, Spanish fly strong, Spanish Fly LOVE and Spanish Fly Pro. In every product we will try mention its effectivity, design, Health tested background and price.

Start with the worst…GERMANY SEX DROPS! 

Germany Sex Drops are on the market for very long time. One thing we can say for sure that it is not made in Germany what is reason to be very sceptical. Product name Germany Sex Drops was probably given just for marketing purposes for people to evoque reliable country with reliable product. Well, did not work on us.

Next think what we need to mention is the package. No German factory would sign under that package, SO CHEAP! There is plenty of grammar mistakes, which just emphasize its “fake” origin. Country Germany, does not spell Deats Chland, which show that creators of this so called “sex miracle” were not smartest in the world.

Lets have a look on its effectivity. First of all I spoted ingredients. Package describe it as water, Fructose, Flaror, etc…Well seems like there is just water with sugar inside. Unfortunately I was right, after shorts analyses of ingredients was clear that these product is mainly filled with water.

YES, water is very expensive in some part of the world. This is most strange part aboud GSD which try to be new spanish fly. It is hard to describe its price range. I enclose some screen of this products sales. Judge yourself.


Spanish Fly Strong…different?


Spanish Fly Strong claim it uses original formula with beetles officially known as Lytta vesicatoria. Spanish fly consist of crushed bodies of this insect. main problem with original recepture is that it has many side effects. Male beetles contain Cantharidin which is main ingredient causing libido increase.

Because of this we need to ask question if is original spanish fly safe. It depends for who. Some individuals reacts very good for spanish fly which contain Cantharidin but on the pther hand, there is many people who even had to stay in Hospital because of overuse etc.

Again as previous products there is also question about its origin and price range. You can buy this product from 10 to 50 dollars, what seems a bit  doggy. At the end we were too afreaid to actually try this products as it can have many side effects. Original ingredients and its price range is the main reason to be considered as verybad choice.


One of the most known spanish fly product. It is sold all over the world and it is represented as new version of old Spanish Fly ingredients. Customers still describe many side effects typical for riginal spanish fly recepture, such as vagina dryness and irritation. It is first reviewed product which package does not look cheap and seems like genuine product.

Another soty is the price. How is possible that something what supposed to be made out of thousands of beetles or expensiv natural ingredients can be found for 1 dollar piece? Package of 12 for 8 usd? Definitelly it can not contain all claimed ingredients.

Most of reviewers described its effect as vry low or none. That mena we are probably looking on another famous product just for its fake claims and nice design.


First of all we check again package and the bottle itself. Everything looks very authentic, package is definitely not made of cheap materials, also as glass bottle. Design seems to represent its herbal formula of Spanish Fly LOVE, which supports 7 aphrodisiac herbal ingredients.

Ingredients are Maca (Lepidium meyenii), L- arginin hydrochlorid, Tribulus terrestris extract, Guarana (Paullinia cupana), Damiana (Turnera diffusa), Kofein, Panax ginseng extract. All of them are very strong aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is defined as any food or drug that arouses the sexual instinct, induces veneral desire and increases pleasure and performance. This word is derived from ëAphroditaeí the Greek Goddess of love and these substances are derived from plants, animals or minerals and since time immemorial they have been the passion of man.[7]

Very important factor is again price range. You can buy this product from 50 US dollars to 55 maybe, which seems fair enaugh. Spanish Fly LOVE is first products what we recommend to try. But there are also many customers who reviewed that is product does not work for everybody. That is the reason is number 2 on our list.

We enclose few product reviews.





This product was developed with world class EXPERTS.

Every single ingredient of Spanish Fly Pro is an extremely strong aphrodisiac. In combination they make a super efficient mixture made to reach desired affects. Most of them are sold individually and even though they can provide some results. Then you can imagine what can make an efficient mixture of  best aphrodisiacs prepared with care under the supervision of experts.

First of all we need to mention that this product is FDA approved and suitable for daily use. It is internationally tested and checked in order to provide healthy and secure services. You do NOT need to worry about any side-affect or problems caused by Spanish Fly Pro.

Because we are confident about its ingredients, we offer our customers 60 days money back guarantee. What means 100% refund if you are not satisfied with product.

All orders comes in discreet package. Your delivery will be not labeled with any logo or product name. We never share any client information. So you don’t need to be worried. Because of our unique design, you do NOT need to hide your purchase. There are no adult symbols or pictures on the bottle that makes it more comfortable for you to use, even in public.

Spanish fly Pro offers you indefinite possibilities and it is so easy to use.

All ingredients are 100% NATURAL which helps your body to consume it and it makes astonishing results. It is all liquid, so it can be mixed with anything. Just wait 10-15 minutes for your desired result. We recommend to use 15 drops for woman and for men too. When you see magnificent affect you can reduce your usage to 10 drops. Spanish Fly Pro is developed for 2 main groups. First group is for those who want to raise their libido in a short time. The other group of customers wants to increase it mainly in long term views. For those we highly advise to use Spanish Fly Pro on a daily basis for at least 3 months.




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